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Search Dates1/05/2023 to 31/05/2023
Application Search Results
Application IDDate ReceivedDescriptionAddressStatusDecisionWardEstimated CostObjections Received
WYP10730/18.1231/05/2023Section 72 Amendment to the Plans1030 Tarneit Road TARNEIT VIC 3029Current Chaffey$0.000
WYP14127/2331/05/2023Development of a warehouse with business identification signage and a reduction to the car parking requirement200 Palmers Road TRUGANINA VIC 3029Current Harrison$206,800,000.000
WYP14126/2330/05/2023Westbrook Estate - Stage 32 - Creation of Easement15 Monfort Drive TRUGANINA VIC 3029Current Harrison$0.000
WYP11558/19.0730/05/2023Section 72 Amendment to the Planning Permit condition 4190 Woods Road TRUGANINA VIC 3029Current Harrison$0.000
WYP14125/2329/05/2023Construction of one dwelling on a lot under 300 square metres9 Lupton Street WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Iramoo$250,392.000
WYP14119/2326/05/2023Subdivision of the land into two lots85 Bindowan Drive HOPPERS CROSSING VIC 3029Current Chaffey$0.000
WYP14068/2326/05/2023Buildings and works for the construction of a pylon sign and entry signs99 William Angliss Drive LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026Current Harrison$26,000.000
WYP14118/2325/05/2023Subdivision of the land into two Lots in accordance with the endorsed plans50 Bonview Circuit TRUGANINA VIC 3029Current Harrison$0.000
WYP14124/2325/05/2023Development of a new warehouse and truck wash, alterations and additions to an existing office86 Foundation Road TRUGANINA VIC 3029Current Harrison$2,450,000.000
WYP14121/2325/05/2023Development of 23 dwellings112 Treeve Parkway WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Iramoo$3,500,000.000
WYP13769/22.0125/05/2023Section 72 Amendment - Amendment relates to inclusion of a substation on the site, as required by Powercor, and subsequent changes related to car parking numbers reduction by 1 car parking space, layout and signage location.228 Ison Road WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Iramoo$0.000
WYP14113/2324/05/2023Subdivision of the land into two lots with common property and creation of an easement in accordance with the endorsed plans37 Silvereye Crescent WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedChaffey$0.000
WYP14112/2324/05/2023Subdivision of the land into three lots and common property89 Chirnside Avenue WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Iramoo$0.000
WYP14122/2324/05/2023Remote sellers liquor licence2A Maker Place TRUGANINA VIC 3029Current Harrison$0.000
WYP14123/2324/05/2023Display Village Signage800 Derrimut Road TARNEIT VIC 3029Current Chaffey$0.000
WYP14115/2324/05/2023Construction of 9m x 6.2m colorbond storage shed253 Heaths Road WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Chaffey$48,404.000
WYP14116/2324/05/2023Food and drink premises22 Bethany Road HOPPERS CROSSING VIC 3029Current Chaffey$0.000
WYP12336/20.0224/05/2023Section 72 Amendment to Endorsed Plans23 Princes Highway WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Iramoo$0.000
WYP14108/2323/05/2023Use and development of the land for a medical centre with signage and a reduction to car parking1190 Dohertys Road TARNEIT VIC 3029Current Chaffey$11,000,000.000
WYP14110/2323/05/2023Creation of Drainage Easement E-285 Kenning Road TARNEIT VIC 3029Current Chaffey$0.000

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