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Search Dates1/01/2023 to 31/01/2023
Application Search Results
Application IDDate ReceivedDescriptionAddressStatusDecisionWardEstimated CostObjections Received
WYP13949/2331/01/2023Staged subdivision and removal of easements - 163 lots50 Galvin Road WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Iramoo$0.000
WYP13950/2331/01/2023Use of land for an education centre and reduction to car parking requirement2/35 Lock Avenue WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Iramoo$0.000
WYP13951/2331/01/2023Use of land for a place of worship and car parking reduction1/35 Lock Avenue WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Iramoo$0.000
WYP13948/2330/01/2023Change of use of existing industrial building as place of worship and reduction in carparking.11 Riverside Avenue WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Iramoo$0.000
WYP13947/2326/01/2023Erect Business Identification SignageWarehouse 1-8/63-69 Pipe Road LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026Current Harrison$45,000.000
WYP13944/2326/01/2023Business identification signage for Shop 4, 45 Leakes Road Laverton North45 Leakes Road LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026Current Harrison$6,500.000
WYP13941/2325/01/2023Minor works outside property boundary - Creation of access onto Sayers Road (for carpark entry and exit), concrete path connections100 Sayers Road LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026Current Harrison$85,000.000
WYP13942/2324/01/2023Two (2) lot subdivision191 Leakes Road TRUGANINA VIC 3029Current Harrison$0.000
WYP13940/2324/01/2023Use and development of the land for twenty-five (25) display homes, display of signage and works associated with a car park785 Ballan Road MANOR LAKES VIC 3024Current Iramoo$421,500.000
WYP13946/2324/01/2023Building and works associated with the construction of a replacement dwelling88A Cunninghams Road WERRIBEE SOUTH VIC 3030Current Iramoo$750,000.000
WYP13945/2324/01/2023Replace existing laundry with new laundry50-54 Whites Road WERRIBEE SOUTH VIC 3030Current Iramoo$75,000.000
WYP13943/2323/01/2023Development of a warehouse and car parking reduction74 Droomer Way TARNEIT VIC 3029Current Chaffey$754,000.000
WYP13937/2323/01/2023Warehouse development, use as retail premises, creation of easement and car parking reduction191 Leakes Road TRUGANINA VIC 3029Current Harrison$56,000,000.000
WYP13936/2319/01/2023Two (2) Lot Subdivision - Vicsmart28 Glen Street WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$0.000
WYP13938/2319/01/2023Use and development of one dwelling within a Green Wedge Zone60 Cunninghams Road WERRIBEE SOUTH VIC 3030Current Iramoo$500,001.000
WYP13939/2319/01/2023Buildings and works associated with a mixed-use development, including the partial use of the land for the purpose of retail premises, partial use of the land for the sale of packaged liquor, creation of access to a road in a Transport Zone 2 and removal of native vegetation.18-20 Princes Highway WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Iramoo$10,500,000.000
WYP11026/18.0319/01/2023Section 72 Amendment - proposed to install 2 x Cement Storage Silos adjacent to the existing Silos and Load Bay.257-265 Dohertys Road LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026Current Harrison$643,000.000
WYP13158/21.0519/01/2023Section 72 Amendment to the Planning Permit for the removal of condition 1 (n) and amendment to the plans to include pylon sign620 Leakes Road TARNEIT VIC 3029Current Chaffey$270,000.000
WYP13935/2318/01/2023Two (2) Lot Subdivision42 Patch Circuit LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026Current Harrison$0.000
WYP13934/2318/01/2023Four (4) Lot Subdivisions2/14 Yalonga Avenue WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Iramoo$0.000

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