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The purpose of this Online Planning Register is to make the prescribed information under the P&E Act available to enable you to track the status of a planning permit application.

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Search Dates1/09/2021 to 30/09/2021
Application Search Results
Application IDDate ReceivedDescriptionAddressStatusDecisionWardEstimated CostObjections Received
WYP13050/213/09/2021Subdivision Buildings225A Bethany Road TARNEIT VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedChaffey$0.000
WYP13049/213/09/2021Buildings and works associated with the construction of a mezzanine and a reduction of one car space.14/5-11 Tariff Court WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$12,000.000
WYP13055/211/09/2021Display and Erection of Sky Sign32-38 William Angliss Drive LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026PastPermit IssuedHarrison$34,000.000
WYP13047/2131/08/2021Buildings and works associated with the installation of two water tanks780 Bulban Road MAMBOURIN VIC 3024PastPermit IssuedIramoo$50,000.000
WYP13037/2131/08/2021Buildings and works associated with the construction of a verandah to a building in a retirement village38/250 Thames Boulevard TARNEIT VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedChaffey$19,500.000
WYP13030/2130/08/2021Buildings and works associated with a store ancillary to existing agriculture and within 5 metres from a boundary and 100 metres from a dwelling not in the same ownership485 Diggers Road WERRIBEE SOUTH VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$105,000.000
WYP13024/2126/08/2021Two (2) Lot Subdivision and common property9 Deborah Street WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$0.000
WYP13023/2126/08/2021Buildings and works associated with the construction of a store ancillary to existing agriculture within 100m of a waterway825 Aviation Road WERRIBEE SOUTH VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$60,104.000
WYP13027/2126/08/2021Use of land to sell or consume liquor (Café/Restaurant Liquor Licence)Food 14/250 Heaths Road HOPPERS CROSSING VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedChaffey$0.000
WYP13018/2125/08/2021Two (2) Lot Subdivision23 Langdon Drive WYNDHAM VALE VIC 3024PastWithdrawnIramoo$0.000
WYP12676/21.0112/08/2021Section 72 Amendment to Permit and Plans - Removal of Common Property and Replacement with Carriageway Easement - Two (2) Lot SubdivisionFactory 1/10 Loop Road WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$0.000
WYP13011/215/08/2021Use and development for the purposes of an extension to the existing sports pavilionRiver Street LITTLE RIVER VIC 3211PastPermit Not RequiredIramoo$0.000
WYP12999/215/08/2021Change of use from warehouse to industry and a reduction in the car parking requirement31 Jimmy Place LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026PastPermit IssuedHarrison$0.000
WYP12996/214/08/2021Construction of a mezzanine floor for the purpose of storage in association with the 'Warehouse' and a car parking reduction of one (1) car space.2/40C Wallace Avenue POINT COOK VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedHarrison$25,000.000
WYP12993/213/08/2021Use and development of a dwelling (replacement dwelling)105 Robbs Road WERRIBEE SOUTH VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$650,000.000
WYP13000/212/08/2021Construction of three Dwellings14 Gossamer Street WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$659,499.000
WYP12983/2129/07/2021Use and development of a kindergarten1-5 Saltwater Promenade POINT COOK VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedHarrison$1,070,000.000
WYP12984/2129/07/2021Use and development of one single storey dwelling100 Rothwell Road LITTLE RIVER VIC 3211PastPermit IssuedIramoo$450,000.000
WYP12961/2116/07/2021Erection and Display of Major Promotional Sign Associated with the Sale of Land775 Dohertys Road TRUGANINA VIC 3029PastApplication RefusedHarrison$12,000.000
WYP12948/219/07/2021Two (2) Lot Subdivision and Common Property1/16 Mississippi Place WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedChaffey$0.000

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