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The purpose of this Online Planning Register is to make the prescribed information under the P&E Act available to enable you to track the status of a planning permit application.

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Search Dates1/01/2023 to 31/01/2023
Application Search Results
Application IDDate ReceivedDescriptionAddressStatusDecisionWardEstimated CostObjections Received
WYP13936/2319/01/2023Two (2) Lot Subdivision - Vicsmart28 Glen Street WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$0.000
WYP13932/2313/01/2023Use of land for restricted recreation facility (personal training)Factory 1/11 Elm Park Drive HOPPERS CROSSING VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedHarrison$0.000
WYP13931/2312/01/2023Two (2) Lot Subdivision - Vicsmart42 Mount Eagle Way WYNDHAM VALE VIC 3024PastPermit IssuedIramoo$0.000
WYP13898/2215/12/2022Construction of mezzanine to existing warehouse9/40B Wallace Avenue POINT COOK VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedHarrison$65,000.000
WYP13888/229/12/2022Convert pergola to a verandah.10/49-55 Rosella Avenue WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedChaffey$7,000.000
WYP13866/221/12/2022Subdivision of land into five lots and common property in accordance with the endorsed plans30 Elder Road HOPPERS CROSSING VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedChaffey$0.000
WYP13873/221/12/2022Development of the land for a telecommunications facility435 Davis Road MOUNT COTTRELL VIC 3024PastPermit IssuedChaffey$300,000.000
WYP12281/20.0711/11/2022Section 72 Amendment - amendment to planning permit and endorsed plans to include restricted recreation facility355 Palmers Road TRUGANINA VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedHarrison$70,000.000
WYP13836/228/11/2022Construction of Truck Canopy to an existing building.73-87 Boundary Road LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026PastPermit IssuedHarrison$350,000.000
WYP13821/2228/10/2022Creation of vehicle access and erection of signage for a temporary sales office.1110 Dohertys Road TARNEIT VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedChaffey$31,200.000
WYP13812/2218/10/2022Construction of one new dwelling on the land to replace demolished dwelling and continue the use of the land for a dwelling105 K Road WERRIBEE SOUTH VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$420,000.000
WYP13801/2217/10/2022Display Business Identification Signage61 Heaths Road HOPPERS CROSSING VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedChaffey$2,000.000
WYP13781/2211/10/2022Buildings and works associated with the construction of two dwellings on a lot.41 Warrenwood Avenue HOPPERS CROSSING VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedChaffey$400,000.000
WYP12985/21.017/10/2022Section 72 Amendment - Amendment to Permit and Endorsed Plans to include Lot A PS819159V (School Site) within the Black Forest Road North (Mambourin) Town Centre370 Black Forest Road MAMBOURIN VIC 3024PastPermit IssuedIramoo$0.000
WYP0786/06.036/10/2022Section 72 Amendment - Amendment to the permit and plans to utilise the existing dwelling at 5 Storkbill Road in association with the childcare centre at 1 Storkbill Road and works to the existing dwelling1 Storkbill Road WYNDHAM VALE VIC 3024PastAmendment NODIramoo$450,000.001
WYP13774/226/10/2022Alteration of access to a road in the Transport Zone (new crossover).59 Latham Street WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedChaffey$5,500.000
WYP13735/2213/09/2022Development of the land for two (2) warehouse buildings to be used in association with Service Industry (Panel Beating)17 Concorde Crescent WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$700,000.000
WYP13736/2213/09/2022Building and works comprising washbays to the existing industry and associated chemical storage.183-195 Fitzgerald Road LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026PastPermit IssuedHarrison$3,800,000.000
WYP13704/221/09/2022Use and development of the land for the purposes of an industry (manufacturing pre-cast concrete panels), the erection of business identification signage and a reduction of the car parking requirement16 Patch Circuit LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026PastPermit IssuedHarrison$2,800,000.000
WYP13705/221/09/2022Buildings and works associated with the construction of two dwellings on a lot.15 Guinane Avenue HOPPERS CROSSING VIC 3029PastNotice Of Decision to Issue a PermitChaffey$900,000.003

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