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Search Dates8/05/2024 to 21/05/2024
Application Search Results
Application IDDate ReceivedDescriptionAddressStatusDecisionWardEstimated CostObjections Received
WYP14298/23.029/05/2024Section 72 to amend condition 8(c) to state "ASHRAE VC-A or any comparable measure to the satisfaction of the responsible authority" Original permit allows: Use of the land for the purposes of a Container Deposit Scheme CentreWarehouse 2/6 Wallace Avenue POINT COOK VIC 3030PastAmended PermitHarrison$0.000
WYP14574/246/05/2024Two (2) Lot Subdivision - Vicsmart18 Cromwell Road WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedChaffey$0.000
WYP14573/243/05/2024Subdivision of the land into two lots with common property in accordance with the endorsed plans37 Moffatt Crescent HOPPERS CROSSING VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedChaffey$0.000
WYP14568/242/05/2024Creation of Easements E-1 & E-2 in accordance with the endorsed plan90 Palmers Road TRUGANINA VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedHarrison$0.000
WYP14242/23.0123/04/2024Section 72 Amendment – Amendment to the Plans (Extension to farm shop floor area and layout reconfiguration)170-198 Bulban Road WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$150,000.000
WYP14543/2411/04/2024Removal of Drainage Easement E-1 in accordance with the endorsed plan1190 Dohertys Road TARNEIT VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedChaffey$0.000
WYP14538/248/04/2024Subdivision of the land into two lots in accordance with the endorsed plans28 Patch Circuit LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026PastPermit IssuedHarrison$0.000
WYP3678.023/04/2024Section 72 Amendment – Amendments to permit to delete previous condition 4 (disabled access to the first floor), amend previous condition 5 (Building Code requirements), inclusion of new condition 1 (secondary consent) and renumbering of subsequent conditions - Use and development of the land for shops and offices.Shop 7/1-3 Alexandra Avenue HOPPERS CROSSING VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedHarrison$0.000
WYP14521/2422/03/2024Installation and display of a business identification sign42 Amherst Drive TRUGANINA VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedHarrison$40,000.000
WYP14518/2420/03/2024Buildings and works for the installation of an overhead canopy, fence and gate, drainage pit and additional signage45-47 Cherry Street WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$767,800.000
WYP14478/2414/02/2024Use and Development of land for Accommodation (Residential Building)8 Bedford Court HOPPERS CROSSING VIC 3029PastLapsedChaffey$850,000.000
WYP14462/2430/01/2024Construction of two dwellings on a lot49 Conquest Drive WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$650,000.000
WYP13808/22.0124/01/2024Section 72 Amendment to delete condition 5 and amend condition 23865 Boundary Road TRUGANINA VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedHarrison$0.000
WYP13719/22.0124/01/2024Section 72 Amendment to delete condition 1(g) and 5, amend condition 27 and satisfaction of condition 1 requirements.865 Boundary Road TRUGANINA VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedHarrison$0.000
WYP14453/2418/01/2024The installation and display of business identification signage.20 Amherst Drive TRUGANINA VIC 3029PastPermit IssuedHarrison$95,000.000
WYP14446/2412/01/2024Subdivision of the land into two lots and creation of easements in accordance with the endorsed plans2 Rail Circuit MAMBOURIN VIC 3024PastPermit IssuedIramoo$0.000
WYP13918/22.0121/12/2023Section 72 Amendment and Satisfaction of Conditions (Combined) – Minor amendments to the approved development and satisfaction of conditions 1 (development plans), 3 (landscape plans), 5 (Sustainable design assessment), 8 (acoustic report) - Use and development of land for a childcare centre, erection of illuminated business identification signage and creation of access to a road in a Transport Zone 2.48 Mambourin Street WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastAmendment NODIramoo$0.002
WYP13666/22.0221/10/2023Section 72 Amendment to remove condition 3a - Use of land for Industry (manufacturing)20/4 Network Drive TRUGANINA VIC 3029PastAmendment RefusedHarrison$0.000
WYP14086/239/05/2023Construction of two dwellings1 Wagner Drive WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$900,000.000
WYP13878/225/12/2022Construction of the mixed-use Alfred Road Local Convenience Centre, partial use of the land for the purpose of a child care centre, the display of signs and a reduction in the number of car parking spaces required under Clause 52.062 Alfred Road WERRIBEE VIC 3030PastPermit IssuedIramoo$5,500,000.000

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