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Search Dates1/05/2024 to 31/05/2024
Application Search Results
Application IDDate ReceivedDescriptionAddressStatusDecisionWardEstimated CostObjections Received
WYP14597/2420/05/2024VicSmart - Subdivision of Land37 Hindmarsh Drive MANOR LAKES VIC 3024Current Iramoo$0.000
WYP14595/2420/05/202496A Application - Two (2) Lot SubdivisionDerrimut Road TARNEIT VIC 3029Current Iramoo$0.000
WYP14596/2417/05/2024Removal of a drystone wall145 Kenning Road TARNEIT VIC 3029Current Chaffey$0.000
WYP14598/2417/05/2024Construction of a dwelling on a lot less than 300sqm26 Modern Crescent TARNEIT VIC 3029Current Chaffey$451,043.000
WYP14592/2416/05/2024Construction of a warehouse and a reduction to the number of car parking spaces required under clause 52.0644 National Drive TRUGANINA VIC 3029Current Harrison$4,053,950.000
WYP14594/2416/05/2024Use and development of the land for accommodation (residential building)8 Bedford Court HOPPERS CROSSING VIC 3029Current Chaffey$850,000.000
WYP14590/2415/05/2024Subdivision of the land into two lots and creation of an easement30 Iluka Drive WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Iramoo$0.000
WYP14588/2415/05/2024Multi lot subdivision of land, Subdivision of land adjacent Transport Zone 2, subdivision of land in PAO2675 Derrimut Road TARNEIT VIC 3029Current Chaffey$0.000
WYP14589/2415/05/2024Buildings and works to construct a Storage Facility within a Design and Development Overlay, Schedule 2439-441 Old Geelong Road HOPPERS CROSSING VIC 3029Current Harrison$2,000,000.000
WYP14591/2415/05/2024Use of land for the service of liquor and display of promotional signage10 Wool Street TARNEIT VIC 3029Current Chaffey$2,000.000
WYP14593/2415/05/2024Use of the land for a vehicle store8 Little Boundary Road LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026Current Harrison$0.000
WYP14587/2414/05/2024Display of electronic business identification signage4 Main Street POINT COOK VIC 3030Current Harrison$20,000.000
WYP14583/2413/05/2024VicSmart - Subdivision - of the land into two lotst15A Somerdale Avenue WYNDHAM VALE VIC 3024Current Iramoo$0.000
WYP14580/2413/05/2024Use of the land for the sale of liquor (packaged liquor license)2 McLeans Road LITTLE RIVER VIC 3211Current Iramoo$0.000
WYP14585/2413/05/2024Earthworks185 Leakes Road TRUGANINA VIC 3029Current Harrison$800,000.000
WYP14586/2413/05/2024Use and development for three (3) warehouses and a reduction in the car parking requirement.29 Hume Road LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026Current Harrison$1,000,000.000
WYP14582/2410/05/2024Buildings and works to construct a dwelling to the rear of the existing dwelling and variation to the Restrictive Covenant L941240N from Lot 493 on Plan of Subdivision 148767A.5 Wallara Road WERRIBEE VIC 3030Current Iramoo$450,000.000
WYP14584/2410/05/2024Use of the land for a convenience restaurant, buildings and works in a Heritage Overlay and reduction in the car parking requirement1 Sapling Boulevard TARNEIT VIC 3029Current Chaffey$1,270,000.000
WYP13337/22.029/05/2024Section 72 Amendment to the plans to include a Maintenance Shed & Portable Site Office and Reduction of Car Parking requirements – Original permit issued for - Use and Development of Shipping Container Storage - Use and Development of Shipping Container Storage18 Patch Circuit LAVERTON NORTH VIC 3026Current Harrison$40,000.000
WYP14298/23.029/05/2024Section 72 to amend condition 8(c) to state "ASHRAE VC-A or any comparable measure to the satisfaction of the responsible authority" Original permit allows: Use of the land for the purposes of a Container Deposit Scheme CentreWarehouse 2/6 Wallace Avenue POINT COOK VIC 3030PastAmended PermitHarrison$0.000

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